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IT Services

Our IT services cover computer, laptop and server repairs, upgrades and maintenance for both home and business.

Covering Tavistock and surrounding areas, our services include the following:


Have you go a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile or server that needs a repair?


Spyware, ad-ware, pop-ups, viruses and data? Require a removal process?


Do you require home or business networking, either cabled or wireless?


Is your computer, laptop, mobile, tablet or server running slower than normal?


Device crashed? Worried you might have lost your data? Let us recover it for you.

Business IT

Does your business require IT support to help with the everyday IT gremlins?


Sometimes a PC, Laptop or Server requires an upgrade, does yours?


Do you, a friend, family member or work colleagues require tuition?

Remote Assistance

Do you require our support? Why not try out our remote assistance?

Terms and Conditions

By using ABC Service to repair, upgrade and maintain your computer systems you agree to the following:

  • "Standard charge" as of April 5th 2016 we now charge a small flat rate of £5 to cover our time.
  • "Repair" is a fix required to repair the PC to a proper functioning state with this in mind please note the following:
    • if for a repair the system must be refreshed or reset the only area we back up is the user data i.e. documents, pictures, music, video and desktop.
    • no programs are saved and therefore you, as the customer, are liable for having access to the install media to re-install the software again. If you wish us to re-install the software then our hourly rate of £25 per hour applies and the relevant information must be supplied to us otherwise we hold the right to refuse carrying out this type of work. This charge is on top of the fixed rate charge.
    • only if parts are required that incur extra cost will we contact you regards to the repair of the system.
  • "Maintenance" is work carried out to clean up the PC / tidy up the system, please note the following:
    • performing maintenance on a PC does not uninstall software unless we acknowledge software to be spyware, adware, bloatware and/or malware. We will remove software as we see fit for your security as well as ours.
    • we check for system integrity and run scans to improve / fix them
    • we defragment and clean up registry entries
    • we perform a complete system virus check to ensure systems are clear
    • full maintenance includes the cleaning of the system internally
  • "Upgrade" is work carried out to upgrade the system i.e. replacing parts to increase performance, please note that we will request to see the PC first to determine the correct parts for the system, this includes:
    • hard drive (storage) upgrade, please note
      • a hard drive upgrade will mean that software is lost as we always perform a complete clean install of the Windows operating system and the user area files restored. Please see "Repair" for further details regarding software installations etc.
    • memory (RAM) upgrade
    • processor (CPU) upgrade (desktops only)
    • graphics (GPU/VPU) upgrade (desktops only)
    • Full upgrade / custom build
  • "Data recovery" is where we recover user files. If the hard drive is becoming repeatedly un-responsive then we highly recommend backup up your data. Please note:
    • If the hard drive has completely failed and our systems cannot access them then we deem them to be complete hard drive failures and therefore we are unable to retrieve your files.
    • If your hard drive contains extremely important data that requires recovery then we can arrange for the hard drive to be sent off, dismantled, data recovered and returned on a media type you require. Please note that in some instances this costs FROM £100 and up and will require days to weeks to complete.
  • "Virus removal" is where by we scan and remove any and all viruses found on the computer system, please note:
    • Firstly, don't panic! There are many computer viruses out there some scary some not so much, just give us a call if you think a virus has infected your PC or Mac computer.
    • We can remove nearly all viruses successfully without having to reinstall the operating system, there are the odd few that embed themselves and the simplest solution then is to reinstall Windows. Please refer back to "Repair" for more information on program installation.
    • We will remove software that is either damaged by a virus or we deem to be a virus. We will record the software that has been removed so you are aware.
    • Any software infected by a virus will need to be reinstalled using your own install media. We will not reinstall software on the system after a virus removal process.
    • We can and hold the right to install various preventative measures for you as a customer to ensure your security and system integrity. Please note that if these preventative measures block a particular website then we ask you do not override this as it is blocking it for good reason! You can always contact us by phone if you have a query regarding this
  • If a computer system comes into us in what would be deemed as a "poor state" then we cannot be held liable for this systems end result. We can refuse to work on systems which are already damaged if we believe it to be either dangerous or if carrying out work on the system may damage it further because of age/wear and tear, brittle parts etc.
  • We cannot be held liable for natural disasters or acts of God which may damage or hinder your system i.e. electrical storm, flooding, fire, plains crashing, bombs, terrorism, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.
  • We always use anti-surge boxes in our workshop and grounding mats to reduce the risk of electrical/static damage.
  • The only members of staff allowed to work on a computer system are those who have been carrying out such work for 5 years or more and/or who have gained a qualification in the field of IT.
  • By using our services you agree to the above Terms and Conditions