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What devices can you recover data from?

We can recover data from the following devices

Memory sticks (flash drives) and Hard Drives (HDD)

What can you recover?

ABC Service can recover all of your files using quick and efficient technology providing your hard drive is still readable.

How can I receive my information?

Your data can either be transferred directly from your old hard drive to the new PC/Laptop or the data can be burnt onto disc or transferred onto memory sticks / external hard drives (chargeable).

Do you keep my hard drive (HDD)?

Yes, we store your old hard drive for a maximum of 30 days after such time the hard drive is wiped and/or destroyed.

What if the hard drive has failed, can I still recover my files?

Yes, we use a third party company to do this however, this is generally only a last resort as the recovery charge on user areas can be in the hundreds of pounds.