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Tavistock Local Printing

We are the go to company for printing posters for the local Town Hall display boards or banners for advertising.

Because we get asked for these products quite often we have set out pricing below especially for Tavonians!

Please note that the turnaround on the below is 4-5 Working Days and
should you require it sooner then additional charges apply.

Tavistock Town Hall posters

Standard 250gsm Silk Poster Paper.
Generally suitable for a 1 week use.

£24 incl VAT

PVC 220Mic, Guaranteed Waterproof, Poster

£30 incl VAT

Tavistock Town Hall Banners

440gsm PVC Banners with hems and eyelets

1 @ £70 incl VAT

2 @ £120 incl VAT

340gsm Mesh Banner with hems and eyelets
(Better suited for windy areas)

1 @ £75 incl VAT

2 @ £130 incl VAT

Barrow Banners

440gsm PVC Barrow Banners

1 @ £36 incl VAT

Each additional banner add £24 incl VAT