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Home Phone and Broadband

ABC Service provides quality home phone and broadband at affordable prices whether you require just a home phone line, unlimited broadband or even fibre broadband we have it covered!

Low call costs and no connection charges mean that you ONLY PAY for the actual time you're on a call!

Why choose ABC Service for your home phone and broadband?

  • We are a small independent local business meaning we value every customer we have
  • You're only speaking to a small team of people
  • Based in the UK (well in fact we're based in Tavistock, Devon so we might have a slight Devonshire accent!)
  • Friendly service and you can even speak to us face to face!
  • Low cost line rental compared to other service providers
  • Cheap per minute calls and NO Connection charges just for dialing the phone!
  • Quality Tier 1 (top) connection used for phone and broadband services
  • NOT on an LLU network meaning you get the best possible broadband speeds for your phone line
  • Our prices are transparent from the word go, there is no "Free for 6 months then lets charge you lots of money"
  • Our prices are fair across the board so if we make a price alteration, whether up or down, every customer will see the change (unless on a fixed term contract then the price will be changed upon renewal).